Unable to open Step output file. The step failed

When you try to execute the job, The job will fail with error "Unable to open Step output file. The step failed"
In this case there is no error with the package. So we have to change the path in jobs under sql agent job.

For example if the job name is: Batch_price

Here is the steps:

1. Double click on Batch_price in sql agent job. [i.e. job properties]
2. Go to steps.
3. Edit steps.
4.Click advanced option.
5.Change the path under output file as in image below or delete the path.
6.ok and run the job again.

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  1. Thanks for this tip.

    We deleted the path as suggested, and when we went to re-add it, we discovered a second .txt file that had 2 extensions (.txt.txt), instead of one - and was identical to the target file except for that second extension.

    Not sure how it got there ... glad it's gone.

  2. This tip helped in resolving my issues which was the output file was pointing to a drive that was no longer there.

  3. it is very helpfull for me..

    thanks a lot..

  4. Thank you very much for this post! Solved my issue!!!

  5. Thanks for the help - solved my issue!

  6. Thanks it helps me.